Harvey Althaus & Rob Hernandez on Spotlight Radio

LiveParanormal.com Presents “Spotlight Radio”

Hosts: Rob Szarek & Niki Paraunnormal

When: 5/22/18

Where: LiveParanormal.com & Facebook.com/theliveparanormal

Guest: Rob Hernandez & Harvey Althaus


Rob Hernandez

Founder/Manager at PCH Paranormal, Radio Show Host, and ITC Box Producer.


About Harvey Althaus (from his website)

I remember when I, was maybe 5 years old, had an unexplainable experience that in due course would leave a very deep and profound impression on me that is still with me to this day!

I was around 8 years of age when I discovered that I knew about things that were going to happen before they did. I also saw and heard things that no one else did ad it was a very frustrating period in my life because I was so scared all of the time and really didn’t have anyone to turn to for comfort. It took a while but I finally realized I couldn’t go to my parents to help me. It got to a point where I had to suck it up and bare what was happening to me without complaint because my parents didn’t want to hear about it. Time passes.

Through the years I have developed into what is called a “Clairvoyant Intuitive” which means I can see and experience things which are not physically apparent. I actually have many abilities but I have come to specialize in two of them. I can sense medical issues and have the ability to balance energy in the afflicted areas that promotes healing and mostly pain relief. The other ability is “Remote Viewing”. You can check out my blog about it.

A unique aspect about my style of reading is that I never have my client ask a question prior their reading. I feel in this way my connection to their energy is pure and not tainted. Many psychics ,who receive even the littlest amount of information, can use that and if they are a good talker can make their clients think they are truly amazing which can give their clients a false sense of confidence in their abilities.

Over the years I have come to realize my style of readings proves to be very beneficial to my clients by guiding them through at times difficult life issues.

Everyone has “blocks” along our life path ,wouldn’t it be much easier if we could have even a little insight as to what they are so we could try to change or correct them?